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Hey, I’m Krystal Lee! I’m your go-to girl for all things purpose, passion and profit.

Whether you know me from Girl + God, have heard me on your radio, or are just meeting me for the first time, it won’t take you long to realize that I’m actually just like you.

Today, I am a multi-media personality, author, entrepreneur, podcast host, purpose coach, and your long-lost best friend pushing you to fulfill your greatest potential.

I launched Girl + God in 2018, and grew it into a 6-figure brand in less than six months! What began as a t-shirt business is now a top rated, faith-based community for women.

While you know what I do, I want to share with you how I became who I am.

I’m a proud Detroit native and it’s safe to say entrepreneurship runs in my family. But to be honest, that’s what terrified me about starting my own business.

My dad was an entrepreneur that had several successful businesses fail. One of which was a coffeehouse that closed shop within a year, just as I as on my way to start my journey at Clark Atlanta University.

Because of this, I vowed to never become an entrepreneur. I was so afraid I would end up the same way.

So, I put all of my energy into another passion – entertainment. I knew I wanted to be in the entertainment industry, which is why I moved to Atlanta...

Since then, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the top brands in the world from Warner Bros. Studio and TMZ to CBS, Radio One, Turner Broadcasting and more. 

It’s no secret that I’ve always been ambitious, but my mindset was still filled with fear. That fear paired with lack and financial illiteracy, resulted in bankruptcy, severe student loan debt, and car repossessions before the age of 25. 

On top of that, after nearly passing out during my time at Warner Bros. Studio in Los Angeles, I was told I had Graves’ disease, and that I was very close to having a heart attack. I had to leave L.A. immediately and figure ish out. But this surprisingly became a positive turning point for me. It was at this point that I recognized I needed to dominate my dash. 
What’s a dash?

I’m glad you asked. Because you have one too.

No matter who you are, where you’re from, or how much money you have, you will ultimately have a dash.

The time between the year you were born and the year you leave this earth will be illustrated on your tombstone by a small dash. (i.e. 1934-2012). 
That dash is your lifeline. It’s the story of what happens during the years that you are alive. Most people don’t pay any attention to that dash – on the tombstone or in life. 

But for me, my life began to change drastically when I decided to dominate my dash. 

I took back control of the narrative of my life. I wanted to be known for more than being a kind and loving friend, daughter, sister, wife, etc. I want my dash to be impactful.
I started to ask myself, ‘What am I on this earth to do? Am I fulfilling God’s purpose and will for my life? Am I leaving a legacy and making a mark on this world, or am I wasting each day watching other people do great things?’

The victim mindset got me into debt and destruction very early on in my life, and I made a promise to myself to take control of what I could and let God sit in the driver’s seat for the rest. I was ready to follow His will for my life.

This led me to amazing opportunities in the entertainment industry. 

I’m currently a co-host on the nationally-syndicated Willie Moore Jr. Show, and have been graced with the faith to start my 6-figure businesses, even after watching those close to me fail.

I now show women how to go from feeling stuck to being free.

Through my brands I teach living a life based on faith, identity in Christ, and domination, because we can't truly call ourselves Christians if we aren't willing to follow God's magnificent plan for our lives. 

To dominate your dash means to bury the excuses and go after the life you deserve. 

I live a rockstar lifestyle because I am crazy enough to believe that God's plan for my life is better than my own. 

The only thing holding you back is the fear that there is something holding you back. 

Are you ready to dominate your dash with your life story? 

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My greatest passion is teaching women how to live on purpose and maximize and monetize their God given gifts. I’m obsessed with helping women who are ready to take their life and business to the next level!

I have helped hundreds of women start purpose-based businesses and also grow in their relationship with God through my Girl + God and Girl + Goals platforms! 

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girl + goals

I love helping women start profitable t-shirt brands and strong communities. If you are looking to level up your purpose, money, or life then Girl + Goals is for you! 

Girl + God

We are committed to helping Christian women live on purpose through fashion, inspiration, and tools to live the abundant life that God created for you! Our ultimate goal is to help you realize your full potential through relationship with God.

I'm OBSESSED with pink. (Shout out to my Sorors of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated!) I also love all things furry, mirrored, and sparkly and my house is proof of that lol


My fav place in the world is.... my bed! And the movie theater. I'm such a homebody. I really enjoy recharging in my safe space but I am also obsessed with movies 


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