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Work with me 1 on 1 to FIND YOUR NICHE.

Running a business or personal brand means having your hands in a MULTITUDE of things. Whew. Can we say multi-task ministry? Sales, social media, growth, staff, etc. but focusing on the experience with your audience is more important than any other activity in your business. It's more important than ads, followers, more traffic, more sales, email subscribers.


Because when you focus on YOUR people, you will get more subscribers, more traffic, and more followers. Most new business owners stress out about followers and sales. I've seen entrepreneurs waste time and thousands of dollars focusing only on numbers and not on their people. 

A solid niche and tribe building equals sales, trust, and life-long customers. Your tribe will always be engaged and excited to buy any and everything that you have to offer them. They will fight for you on social media, they will travel far and long for you, they will stick with you because they connect to your purpose and your mission. You won't be victim to algorithm changes, trends, competitors etc. 

Instead of focusing on ads, conversion, and followers, Monetize Your Movement teaches you how to focus on people, experiences, relationships, and the pain points of your audience so that you can provide solutions and quality products for your people. 

I don't just teach how to create products and sell. I will teach you how to build a tribe that will always stay connected to you!

Through my specialized programs, I train leaders, influencers, and personalities how to build a successful brand that will make people feel special and connected. Your people are waiting on you, let's monetize your movement!

We should work together if:

We should not work together if:

You are a leader, media personality, or influencer who is struggling to sell your product(s) and/or looking for a product to create.

You are struggling to create engaging content and connect with your target audience

You are ready to make the investment in yourself and your business

You are ready to create a memorable stand out community in a crowded digital space

You are tired of getting stuck and trying to figure it out on your own

You are not ready to invest in yourself and your business

You will selfishly hold back and will not dedicate the time to grow your brand

You are not looking to sell products

You are not ready to grow your social engagement (e.g. still new to it/no following)

You are not committed to the work of building a great tribe/community & engaging them regularly

option 1

option 2

option 3

This program is for leaders and influencers who are ready to take your brand and platform to the next level!

Check out the three options below:

ready to monetize your movement?

option 1

I give you the tools, and you EXECUTE!

1:1 strategy session


Gain clarity and/or create your signature product and community. 



Build A Trustworthy Brand with a Loyal Fanbase


Convert Your Community

option 2

I give you the tools, and we work together to execute! 

90-Day program

This 1:1 program is 90 days with 6 x 60-Minute Strategy Sessions + access to the private FB community for accountability and feedback. 



or 3 payments of $1000

90 Days To Audience Growth, Increased Engagement, and More Sales

The path to audience growth, increase engagement, and more sales is building a community-focused brand:


+ Identifying your core message and niche
+ Outlining your ideal customer
+ Getting clear on your brand values


+ Identifying your profitable platform (where is your ideal customer)
+ Building a campaign to boost traffic and build engagement
+ Creating a launch plan for your product


+ Identifying your bestseller
+ Marketing your products BEFORE launch
+ Launching with your customers ready to buy

option 3

i build it for you!


This option is best for the busy leader, media personality, influencer, or organization who needs to create their signature community and product but doesn't have the time to execute! This option includes 2 strategy sessions which will help myself and my team to create and match your community and products to your purpose. 


$5,000 - $10,000

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