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I created Girl + Goals with you in mind, sis!

Whether you are looking to start a t-shirt business or level up in your brand, money, or life we have something for you. As a Christian woman, I understand the frustration of walking around not knowing what your purpose is.


Maybe you are ready to start a business but you have no idea where to begin. Maybe you are just tired of living paycheck to paycheck. Maybe you are frustrated with your life direction and you need some encouragement. 





It’s time to change your mindset about money and prepare yourself for overflow.


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Frequently Asked Questions

All of the Girl + Goals digital courses and products were created with you in mind! If you are ready to level up your money - start with Faith + Finances. The journal and FREE course features money affirmations, scriptures, games, prayers, and special guests: Celebrity money manager, Jini Thornton and Pastor Vince Thomas to help you create a better relationship with money starting NOW! 
If you are interested in creating your dream t-shirt business then the FREE T-Shirt webinar is for you. Thousands of women have already taken the webinar and created their t-shirt brands. We're just waiting on you!
Not ready to start a business and just feeling stuck in your life right now? Sign up for Dominate Your Dash. It is a GAME CHANGER.

where should i begin?

Girl + Goals includes digital courses, community, sisterhood and more! Created specifically for the Christian woman who wants to put God first in her money, business, and life!

What is included in Girl + Goals?

Girl + Goals is a professional community (and sisterhood) for women who are passionate about putting God first in her life, money, AND business! I created this platform as a way to teach Christian women how to start and grow successful t-shirt brands. When I started this journey; I had no real money as a new business owner. Just faith. However, God told me to sit on my empty living room floor and teach other women how to create a successful business on YouTube.
My obedience has allowed me to create multi-six figure brands and partner with some of the biggest companies in the world. And I started with $0. 
What is stopping you?!
There is nothing holding you back except the idea that something is holding you back. You CAN live on purpose, and we have tools to help you do it! Your gifts WILL make room for you. 
Since 2018, we have helped thousands of women start t-shirt brands, create award winning tribes, level up their money, live on purpose, and so much more!

What is Girl + Goals?

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