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After being in radio and hosting events as a multi-media personality for over a decade, I’ve mastered how to influence an audience and get them excited about my vision and products!

I love helping leaders and brands build a community around a common vision, message, and purpose. I’ve had the opportunity to do that for mega-churches, brands and organizations like Urban One, Netflix, Ideal Image, Pantene, Girl + God, and more!

As I grew in my career, I knew I wanted to be more intentional about how I used my voice to create influence. By creating my own brand I increased my value as a media personality and never have to wait on my "next opportunity." 

Because of my level of influence, companies trust me with their products to build the same hype on their platforms that I do on TV, radio, and the red carpet.

In 2017, I partnered with a faith-based brand that had similar values as mine so I could help them grow their audience and increase sales. In less than 90 days, we gained an additional 30,000 followers and started to create a loyal fan base. I eventually went on to acquire the company and took it to six-figures in less than a year.

While still doing media and correspondent work, small businesses, leaders, and organizations trust me as a strategist and influencer to help grow their audience and generate more sales for their company.




INTERESTED in STARTING A T-SHIRT BRAND AND joining a community of  PURPOSE-DRIVEN women who are just like you?

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Your Movement

This program is for leaders who are ready to take THEIR brand and platform to the next level! 


I am passionate about helping leaders, influencers, and media personalities bridge gaps between their niche, their products, and their life mission. 

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